Al zarqawi dating

Every eye in the operations centre at Balad Air Base just outside Baghdad was fixed on the grainy image of the small house.

A solidly built figure dressed in black emerged from the building, met Rahman and took him inside.‘Wow!

A profile of the terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the man responsible for coordinating suicide bombings in Amman and Madrid, multiple attacks on Iraqi Shiites and Shiite mosques, and the highly-publicized beheading of American Nicholas Berg. Jordanian by birth, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi transformed himself into a nationless freelance terrorist.

Tactically, geographically, and to some extent philosophically, he established a pattern of inconsistency.

’ said General Stanley Mc Chrystal, head of the US Special Forces in Iraq.

‘That’s Zarqawi.’ The Americans finally had in their sights the fanatic whose barbarism had caused even Al Qaeda to denounce him – a man who created the organisation we now know as ISIS.

Bomb attacks on Iraq's Shia-dominated government and security forces have continued apace, however, with many of the bloodiest strikes of 2005 blamed on Zarqawi's group, now renamed al-Qaeda in Iraq.

According to BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera, Zarqawi's increasingly bloody attacks on the Shias are alienating many in the insurgency, including some Sunni Muslims who are its strongest backers.

In 1993 werd Zarqawi gearresteerd en veroordeeld voor het voorbereiden van de afschaffing van de monarchie om in de plaats daarvan een theocratie te willen vestigen.

Zarqawi’s dealings, Powell said, proved that Iraq harbored a terrorist network, and mandated preemptive military action against the country.

This assertion was later disproved, but it irreversibly thrust Zarqawi’s name into the international spotlight.

Today, however, the saloon was heading north-east out of the city.

Its passenger, Sheik Abd al-Rahman, spiritual adviser to America’s most wanted man, changed vehicles twice and was now in a pick-up, barrelling down a dirt road just outside the tiny village of Hibhib, 30 miles from Baghdad. The Americans had been waiting nearly three years for this.

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