Athiest dating belfast

I recently appeared on TV3’s Midday panel when I was told, ‘People with faith are statistically happier.’ I was completely taken aback.And it got me thinking about my own journey with religion.Being honest about your own attitude to faith from an early stage in the relationship will give them the opportunity to decide for themselves whether you’re the right match for them.Hiding or keeping things from the object of your affections is never a good idea.If both you and your partner can respect one another’s viewpoints, you could have a happy and fruitful relationship. It’s important to be up front with the person you’re dating, whether they belong to the Christian community or not.The chances are that if you’ve taken the chance to get to know one another via a site like, that you’ll already know how important faith is to your partner.

We tend to be free-thinkers who aspire to a progressive, compassionate world free from religious privilege, discrimination and intolerance.It is an active, positive philosophy in its own right and more than a reaction to religion.Humanists embrace secular ethics believing in the common moral decencies of altruism, integrity, honesty, truthfulness and responsibility – essentially being ‘good without god’.He was unemployed for several years before taking a job as a youth worker in Carrickfergus and working in a homeless shelter run by the Simon Community on the Falls Road, Belfast.He then went on to study an access course on the Castlereagh Campus of the Belfast Metropolitan College (an intensive one-year course designed for disadvantaged students who wish to attend university but lack the entry requirements).

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