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“I spent seven years building the company with my blood, sweat and tears.Then, I had to let it go.” After signing the agreement, she sobbed uncontrollably.Till this day, she hasn’t spent a cent of her millions – she can’t bear to. If going into a business is like getting married (“you stick with your partners through thick and thin”), then building a company is like giving birth to a child, she explains.“It’s heartbreaking to give up your baby.” Even after the deal was closed, there were nail-biting moments. to attract some attention from subtittle creator ...

Le Bar "doesn't care about show business at all," said Ru Paul.

Journalists spun a blithe tale about how a group of scrappy entrepreneurs finally made good after years of surviving on meagre salaries: They created a winning product – a chat widget that allows business owners to send instant messages to customers and provide real-time customer service – after which the company was wooed by US-based customer support firm Zendesk. Like giving up a child The truth was, it wasn’t quite the happily-ever-after that most people imagined it to be.

The co-founders then signed an acquisition deal that gave each of them multimillion-dollar payouts. “[The acquisition] wasn’t an easy decision,” admits Qing Ru.

A day after the teen-friendly awards show, Wiz and Rita were hanging out into the wee hours of Monday night.

The duo first went to LA hotspot The Nice Guy, where Kylie Jenner celebrated her 18th birthday.

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