Flex bindable variable not updating

It’s a simple concept that has an incredible amount of usefulness when building RIA’s. Make sure to change the default layout from “absolute” to “vertical” so the components will arrange correctly.

Switch to the source view if needed, and begin by making a script tag directly below the application tag.

Welcome to Part 2 of the Angular JS Sticky Notes series!I believe that part of what makes directives hard to understand are the nuances surrounding scope.Scope by default inherits from its parent scope, but this may not be desirable behavior, especially if you are building a re-usable widget.It sounds a lot like a buzzword for developers, but what is data binding exactly? With data bindings, a developer can link data automatically between sources and targets. Imagine a label set to automatically display the value of a selected button. Name it anything you’d like, it won’t affect any of the steps we’ll be going through. Chances are you’ll be working with some sort of data in Flex.

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