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On this page we will look at couples counselling in more detail, including how it can help and some of the common relationship problems explored.

Information about oral sex, the risk of getting and passing on sexually transmitted infections through oral sex, how to get tested and treated if you think you have an infection, and how to protect yourself.Choosing a partner and staying together through life's twists and turns is rarely simple.When we choose to get married and raise a family together, unsurprisingly this only adds to the complexity.The items will be placed ASAP in a brown envelope marked with your code word in the welfare pidge (on the left as you walk into the post room.)Chlamydia is the most common STI, with 1 in 12 young people infected, and it’s a good idea to get checked up if you are, or have been sexually active.It’s fairly easy to treat and you can take a test in the privacy of your own room.

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